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Saeghe Electric taha Lightning Company was established in Tehran in 2005 with the aim of providing engineering services in the field of design and implementation of earthing, lightning arrester and secondary protection systems. Taha Electric Lightning Engineering Company is proud to provide the services needed by customers with more than fifteen years of experience as one of the pioneers of building protection facilities and industries, especially earthing systems, lightning arresters and secondary protection. This collection has the approval of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare for workshops and industrial centers.

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Some earthing and lightning arrester projects

The main services of the company include designing, providing equipment, installing and running the following systems:

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Direct sales of earthing equipment and earthing wells, such as lightning arresters, earth resistance reducing soil and copper wire, copper equipment
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Determination of soil specific resistance with one of the most powerful devices in the market
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Calculation, design and implementation of various types of earthing system according to the type and special resistance of the soil and the required use
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Creation of various types of earthing systems from resistance below 0.5 to 5 ohms
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Equipotential Bonding
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Protection against direct lightning strikes (Lightning Protection)
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Protection against voltage shocks caused by lightning or switching (Surge & Overvoltage Protection)
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Low Ohm Material - LOM